Ezy Reach Valve™

About Us

The Problem To Be Solved:

Most homes have a limited number of outdoor water spigots or faucets that were built into the exterior wall of the home, as part of the plumbing phase of the home's construction. There's usually one faucet for the front lawn and one faucet for the back yard. However they're normally inconveniently located, and difficult to access and use.

Because the faucet is at the wall, homeowners often need to push and plow through bushes, shrubs, flower beds and other obstacles to get to the water faucet, which exposes the homeowner to spider webs, spiders, ants, other bugs, as well as dust and/or dirt. Sometimes this requires stepping into muddy flower beds.

The Ezy Reach ValveTM Faucet Handle Extender solves the problem of battling bushes, shrubs, muddy flower beds and inaccessible areas to get to the water faucet. The telescoping handle extends up to 6 feet and capable of controlling the faucet from many different angles. Uses easy ¼ turn to open and close the faucet and eliminate the need to struggle with rusty water faucet handles